Monday, July 6, 2009

Whether to script or not is the question

prerna, i watched the nine films of the last batch and the scripted ones were, i felt, leagues better, so you better write a proper script please.i mean aditya's, vinay's & bharati's especially. a story helps. laziness prevents people thinking it through properly. dont fall into that trap, when you go for shooting it should be crystal clear in your mind what you want. after that if you experiment it's ok

but koshy, for me it is not a about making a 'great film'. or at least it doesnt start with that. it is a search essentially. both in the subject and in the skill of film making. writing a tight script in the beginning hasn't worked very well for me in the past. when i did that i felt that my story had already died by the fifth draft and i didn't know what i was making a film about any more. at the same time i am not closed to fictionalizing if something comes naturally to me. have you seen r.v. ramani's films? you didnt like tahireh's, radha's, dj's film? i thought they were way better than the rest.

prerna, tahireh's and rebana's and and radha's were equally good -i showed the films to many experts and they all came up with the same kind of grading , ashwin's and even devika's had many memorable sparks in it. i was not saying you need a closed script and five drafts - i was just saying that you need a script. oh yes and there's no excuse for not making a great film - go all out please

Prerna: After this i received feedback from Mike and he also advises me to find some way of scripting otherwise i'll end up as a 'thief',' greedy to grab images.

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