Wednesday, July 22, 2009


two new thoughts entered this discourse yesterday while i was trying to free my writing about the daughter and her relationship with her mother.
for the daughter, the temple is not just an endorser of sati, for her it is the image of a protector as well. this is similar to her attitude towards her family, she does see flaws and other things that she cant understand but at the same time she doesnt want to detach herself from it, her character is not distant from all the conversations that go on. she is at the centre of it. she is trying to find herself in the temple as well, knowing very well what it stands for, stood for. i feel that her resentment is not against her family or an individual, it is against an ideolgy and the film needs to be emotive of this.
koshy even the attacks on girls in mangalore and that valentine's day drama in bangalore comes from this ideology that a girl is not allowed to have a life between her adolescence and her marriage. maybe i could relate it with the temple, as in the burning.
also, i want to read something that gives me a kind of economic and social history of india, which have created a space where the woman has more of an opportunity to be an individual of her own. can you suggest me some book or some film..

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