Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the dialogue continued

prerna: koshy, i'm getting really stuck. i can't figure out how to approach the daughter's story. what i script for her will depend on what i shoot for the other two streams. at the same time her story and her character is the most clear in my mind at this point of time. mostly because i haven't immersed myself in the other two as of now. there is so much that i want to write for her character, although i'm not sure if all that will come into the film. it is important though, to understand her. but there are so many questions that her character raises that i'm feeling a bit scared myself. i as a writer don't have any answers for her. can there be a story with only questions and observations?

i have written a couple of pages of diary entry for her, and i made some images. it's hardly anything though, i need to do a lot of work on her character. there a couple of other things that i've read that i connect with her character. i think i should try creating a compilation of things that i connect with her character than try to create a wholesome character from the beginning.

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