Wednesday, July 22, 2009


this makes a lot of sense
the daughter's relationship to the temple and her mother/family - loving them but hating parts of an ideology connected with it that denies women of a certain age freedom to think for oneself and grow up - that then is the angle we have to try for
i thnk you should read kamala das's "my story" - also her poems
they reflect one path- that of rebellion to the situation you have described
the kind of economic and social history of india that you speak of - it is found in the writings of peoplel like annie besant, pandita ramabai, margaret slater, ssiter nivedita etc - not as a whole but in bits and pieces as new women who carved out a space for people in india who are women to become more and more free- in poetry i could add names like toru dutt, sarojini naidu, and later prose writers like nayantara sehgal, anita desai etc.

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