Wednesday, July 22, 2009


my other panelists are aayisha and vasanthi, wasn't sure whether you knew or not. i've mailed them about the blog and will be meeting them on thursday or friday when i go to bangalore

.oshy tell me something.. am i becoming a feminist of some sort in making a film about a woman? one feedback that i got for my proposal was that the 'man' is missing from it. i tried thinking about it but coudnt really figure out anything about the role of a man specifically in my film at this point. also becuase i was getting stuck so i tried writing about what i want the film to be. i ended up with writign the motivation for making this film and it sounds sick and feminist. i never want to read it again even though it is what has driven me to make this film. i dont want the film to be about some kind of fighting for female rights film. i am not against traditions and beliefs.

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